Property Valuation

Our newest interactive tool:
Multi-model AI property valuation


Roughly guesstimating property value is easy.

Accurately estimating property value is the Insightt difference.

Your property value estimate as of today's date:
$625,000 - $650,000

Your home: 123 Cole Street, Hamilton, Ontario
Type: Freehold Town House


Market demand for town houses:

Recent neighbourhood sales:

Comparable homes listed for sale: 9
Listing price range: $529,000 - $615,000

Your property value estimate as of today's date:
$625,000 - $650,000

Challenge 1

Stay in touch with your clients

As a realtor, you're always looking for better ways to stay in touch with your previous clients.

Challenge 2

Generate more leads

With a useful property valuation tool on your website, you'll be able to successfully generate more leads.

Challenge 3

Satisfy the clients' interest

Your clients are always wondering what their property is worth in general, as we all are.

The Insightt Solution

Our new multi-model AI property valuation tool

At Insightt, we've built a new cutting-edge property valuation tool for real estate professionals, that can provide valuable help with customer acquisition, and staying in touch with past clients.

Our new tool uses a multi-model valuation approach that is combined with big data and an artificial intelligence machine learning model to determine the best valuation approach by property type, real estate market, and neighbourhood – a first in the Canadian market.

This new technology provides highly accurate results, where only guesstimates were previously available.

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