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Helping to Grow and Build your Real Estate sales pipeline

We do more than just data; our mission goes beyond our innovation and interactive products, it extends to  training and coaching with Brokerages and their Realtors to help take their real estate business to the next level.


Most Real Estate companies are at risk of losing their agents to another with lower fees, better commission splits or the promise of leads.


Real Estate companies that partner with their real estate agents grow their real estate business and are more likely to retain them.


At Insightt, we have the knowledge and expertise to help educate and train your agents to increase retention and more importantly help grow their business.

Our courses

We offer the following programs to real estate boards, brokerages and realtors:

Disruption-Proofing Your Real Estate Business

Innovation within the real estate space is accelerating at record pace, which means your real estate business is at risk of being disrupted. Our course provides the knowledge and insights on how to safeguard against disruption.

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Target Marketing = Business Growth Acceleration

We break the down the #1 barrier to making target marketing work in real estate. We share the metrics, insights and proof on how target marketing can take your real estate business to the next level.

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Enhancing Your Market Expertise Through Data

In today’s fast-paced environment, we show you the tips and tools to showcase your market knowledge expertise by leveraging data to stay in touch with existing customers and to keep prospects engaged!

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New Construction Homes = New Customers

Selling new construction properties is a great way to diversify your customers and revenue. We teach you how to leverage tools and data to effectively sell new construction properties.

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Diversifying Your Business with Real Estate Investors

We teach our roadmap to effectively adding real estate investors as a new customer group, adding more revenue and clients to your business. We show you the data and tools to effectively target real estate investors.

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Monthly Housing Market Insights

We share with you latest insights and trends that are impacting the real estate industry each month and how to position this information to your clients and prospects.

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90-Day Real Estate Pipeline Course

We are the creators of the Real Estate Pipeline, helping you build and grow your business by building trust, new relationships and showcasing your housing market expertise.    

Our 90-Day Real Estate Pipeline program helps you with:

  • Identifying your desired target market
  • Building an organic marketing plan built on trust and building 1:1 relationships  
  • The exponential effect that starts with one satisfied client and building from that client
  • Building your profile as a “market expert” to your target audience groups
  • Getting over the hump of using video to your advance for your website and social media
  • Adding value in the marketplace (unselling) as opposed always selling your services
  • Tracking and Measuring your 90-day plan and beyond

Over and above the 90-day plan, we also offer the following courses to real estate boards, brokerages and realtors:

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Fact 1

1980s real estate marketing methods are simply not going to cut it in our new digital world

Fact 2

Door-knocking as a way to gain new real estate customers is long outdated

Fact 3

If you can’t measure the ROI on your marketing efforts, you're spending blindly

Fact 4

If you don’t invest in yourself, your business won't grow

The Insightt Solution

Our expert training and coaching programs

Insightt is all about helping realtors increase their market knowledge and expertise in order to:

1. Build more trust & credibility

2. Strengthen relationships

3. Differentiate you in the  market

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