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BuyProperly partners with Insightt to fuel innovations and empower investors

Buy Properly, Canada’s leading fractional real estate investment company has launched a new strategic partnership with innovation consulting firm, Insightt.

May 10, 2021 – BuyProperly, Canada’s leading fractional real estate investment company has launched a new strategic partnership with innovation consulting firm, Insightt.

With continued expansion in the Canadian market along with a USA launch planned for the summer, this new strategic partnership merges BuyProperly’s growth and expansion plans with Insightt’s expertise in bringing innovative products to market. The two companies aim to expand upon BuyProperly's existing Artificial Intelligence valuation model by adding more real estate markets, new data points and enhanced housing market information. The enhanced BuyProperly AI model will more easily identify high-yield real estate opportunities by analyzing millions of data points as well as historical and local trends thereby identifying smarter real estate investments to their customers throughout North America.

‘We have been successful at eliminating the entry barriers in real estate investment space with our technology-driven, transparent, and hassle-free platform that allows people to invest starting with $2,500. BuyProperly continues to receive a lot of interest, thanks to our Artificial Intelligence tool. As we continue to grow, we will continue to work with like-minded firms and this alliance will surely give us a competitive advantage by scaling up our business faster and more efficiently,’ said Khushboo Jha, CEO of BuyProperly. This partnership will empower investors as they can access high-yield opportunities in a quick and hassle-free process, starting with an affordable investment for as little as $2,500, Ms. Jha added.

Brian Bell, Founder of Insightt said that he looks forward to helping the BuyProperly team take fractional real estate investing to the next level. 'Our ability to help implement interactive data solutions, provide additional expertise on new artificial intelligence solutions and train Real Estate professionals on the unique benefits of fractional real estate will surely help them grow their business, which makes this a win-win partnership,’ Mr. Bell said.

BuyProperly is an award-winning start-up that has disrupted the real estate investment space to a technology-driven, transparent, and hassle-free process. Leveraging big data, artificial intelligence and a team of on-ground experts, the company helps everyday consumers become fractional real estate stakeholders in high-yield opportunities with as little as $2,500. Since our inception, BuyProperly has won several awards and mentions crediting its innovation and leadership. To learn more about Buy Properly, clickhere.

 Insightt is a leading innovation consulting firm that helps companies accelerate innovation and achieve next-level growth. Their knowledge and expertise in the real estate and financial service industries give them a competitive advantage to help clients successfully launch new and innovative solutions more efficiently and cost-effectively. Insightt also publishes weekly research reports on new trends and solutions that are impacting the real estate industry to give our clients the insights they need. To learn more about Insightt, visit

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