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League is a technology-focused health company
Lower your employee health costs with League. See how our Health Benefits Experience drives employee engagement and positive health outcomes.
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Mojio is a car solutions scalable service
Mojio designs, develops and delivers connected car solutions that transform data into scalable services for our partners and their customers.
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Bench is a bookkeeping service
Bench solves bookkeeping for entrepreneurs. But our larger purpose expands beyond that. We’re here to help entrepreneurs understand what they want to do and where they want to go.
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Fundrazr is a free Crowdfunding Platform
Fundraz Enterprise-Class Free Crowdfunding Platform Trusted by 6000+ Innovative Nonprofits and Social Enterprises Worldwide.
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Trulioo is a global identity verification solution
Trulioo is a leading global identity and business verification provider specializing in AML and KYC compliance.
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OneLocal provides cloud-based tools for connecting with customers
We build ad campaigns the way local business owners want us to: ROI-focused.
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Applied Recognition is a face recognition technology solution.
APPLIED RECOGNITION is working to bring greater levels of security, privacy and personalization to the digital world through the smart application of biometric technology.
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Fraction is an innovative digital platform for management and diversification of home equity.
Making home ownership more flexible, affordable, and accessible. Access the equity you've built up in your home.
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Axon is a software engineering company
We help our clients transform their business ideas into tangible results by developing unique software solutions.
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Intersect is a digital company for product development, technology enablement and delivery of the digital products.
Intersect delivers mobile and IoT product strategy, design thinking, and engineering excellence for businesses that want to get ahead.
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Lockourier is a package management problem for residential properties
The future of package delivery is here. Let Lockourier help simplify package delivery for you and your residents.
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SWTCH is a charging and energy management solutions
SWTCH provides electric vehicle charging & energy management solutions for businesses and individuals.
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BrokerLift is an eCommerce platform for Insurance Companies
BrokerLift we believe that competing for tomorrow’s customer will require an advanced digital presence, one that revolves around the ability to sell insurance products online.
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ClearRisk is a risk management software
ClearRisk is your source for industry-leading risk management software.
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ProNavigator is an insurance company
ProNavigator automates and accelerates insurance industry workflows by empowering employees with the answers they need; right when they need them.
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